TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014

If your organization is considering introducing a new Self-service portal (or improving their existing portal) you won't want to miss Crossfuze Solutions' upcoming webinar. Crossfuze is revolutionizing the traditional CMS deployment with powerful new administration capabilities and beautiful, modern templates that dramatically reduce the deployment timeline and overhead of the ServiceNow CMS. Come and see how your organization can deploy a game-changing CMS portal in a day...or less.

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  • Mark Stanger: Nice job! I was just about to post that, I’m glad you figured it out. This link might be helpful...
  • MG: Actually, I figured it out – I use ${AMP} instead of %26
  • MG: Any suggestions on alternatives? UI Pages don’t seem to allow the “&” symbol.
  • Mark Stanger: I think the problem on standard forms is that the naming convention for variables is different. You...

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