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  • How to Make the Right Choice for Effective Change Management February 17, 2017
    Technology is continuously being improved, upgraded and transformed, most times for the better as systems are streamlined, bugs are repaired, and enhancements are unveiled. While those updates are often necessary, rolling them out to an entire company in a timely, effective, and prioritized way is not always easy. Through successful Change Management practices—abiding by “standardized […]
  • ServiceNow Asset Management – An Asset to Your IT Capabilities February 14, 2017
    Do you know where your IT assets are?  Do you realize how much money is lost or information security is at risk by not having a solid asset management process? Asset Management is not just a trend or process du jour. It is a process that is helping IT organizations significantly reduce waste associated with […]
  • 4 secrets to know before you work with a ServiceNow implementation partner January 31, 2017
    When you make the decision to retain a ServiceNow implementation partner, you’re positioning your organization to enjoy an efficient rollout. The post 4 secrets to know before you work with a ServiceNow implementation partner appeared first on Crossfuze.
  • How you can achieve quality and speed during a ServiceNow implementation January 31, 2017
    When you work with an exceptional ServiceNow implementation partner like Crossfuze, you’ll learn that quality and speed are not an either/or proposition. The post How you can achieve quality and speed during a ServiceNow implementation appeared first on Crossfuze.
  • 4 essential tips for making ServiceNow your CFO’s new best friend January 31, 2017
    Move your ServiceNow implementation to the top of your CFO’s priority list by articulating the business need, calculating ROI, outlining opportunities and risks, and identifying beneficiaries. The post 4 essential tips for making ServiceNow your CFO’s new best friend appeared first on Crossfuze.

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Another reason why I have stopped going to the official SN documentation sites and make the GURU my documentation site of choice. You come up with clever solutions that every admin could use. This is really cool!

Ron, ServiceNow Admin

I love your website. Thank you. As someone who’s only been administering SN for just over 4 months, you’re a godsend.

Aaron, ServiceNow Admin

This is really awesome! Thanks Guru!

Travis, Experienced ServiceNow Consultant

Thanks ServiceNow Guru,

Saved me plenty of hours as a novice coder!

Brett, ServiceNow Admin

Thanks for this, it was very helpful. I was looking for workflow scripts in the wiki and couldn’t find any. I’ll bookmark this site!

Alli, ServiceNow Admin

I appreciate your help each time I’ve reached out to ServiceNow Guru. A couple of years back you advised us to adjust our security permissions and that change has helped make our ServiceNow platform secure.

Dhanraj, Experienced ServiceNow Consultant

Thank you for the brilliance of this script! Such a time saver.

Kevin, ServiceNow Administrator

Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for. When in doubt, I turn to ServiceNow Guru :-).

Garrett, ServiceNow Consultant

Now that is Awesome. Thank you for all of your contributions and well-documented solutions and suggestions. Great Website.

Steve, ServiceNow Consultant

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