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Generate a GlideRecord Query for a List

Have you ever wanted to get a quick GlideRecord Query for a list you’re looking at? I’ve wanted to do that many times. Sometimes it’s because I’m writing a business rule and sometimes I’ve got to run a background script to update some values. I ran into this yesterday when I was working on a scripted web service with about 50 inputs and was making a second related web service that needed the same inputs as the first. I ended up writing a background script to do a simple query of the first web service inputs and insert a copy of each one for the new web service.

Using this little helper I put together the other day saved me some time and hassle of tracking down the table names and filters to get the right query. It’s a simple little script that makes life as an admin just a little bit easier.

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Enabling Related List Exports in ServiceNow


erviceNow lists contain a lot of very nice capability that allow you to display and access data in a lot of different ways. One of these is the ability to right-click a list header and export the list data in a variety of formats…for external reporting or otherwise. For example, this is particularly useful as an admin when you need to export a list of records to XML and move them to another ServiceNow instance.

While this functionality works great on standard lists, it is completely absent on related lists at the bottom of records displayed in the form view. I can’t count the number of times I wished I could export a filtered related list in the same way you can with a standard list. Fortunately, with a few slight adjustments to some context menu actions in the system, there is a way!

Related List Export

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Free Crossfuze Webinar – SN CMS in a Day – Deploying a Full-Featured Self-Service Portal at Lightning Speed

Crossfuze Solutions is pleased to announce a free webinar on deploying a custom, full-featured self-service portal in a day. Join us for a peek into how you can improve your self-service portal delivery by decreasing lead time to deployment, improving baseline functionality, and taking your self-service portal to the next level.

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Granular Control of Form Tab Toggle Behavior via Client Scripts


his post comes to you from ServiceNow’s Knowledge14 event in San Francisco. It’s exciting to see all of the new innovations that ServiceNow is introducing in the upcoming releases. I’ve been very involved with my company, Crossfuze Solutions, as a sponsor of the conference and it’s been incredibly rewarding to showcase our solutions and talk to so many of you about how Crossfuze and ServiceNow Guru have helped you to be successful in implementing and enhancing ServiceNow. If you’re here at the conference, please stop by booth #421 during the expo hours and say hello!

Today’s post comes in response to a question posted on the ServiceNow community about providing more granular control over the form and list tabbing behavior for specific tables and conditions. If you’re familiar with ServiceNow, you know that this cannot be done natively and that tabbing is based off of a user preference that is enforced globally for the user accessing the system. Continue reading to see how to add more flexibility to your form tab behavior!

Granular Tab Control

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