Crossfuze Asset Management Webinar

Upcoming Asset Management Webinar!

Join us on November 16 at 2pm EST to learn how the Crossfuze Asset Management Turnkey can help you:

  • Optimize your ServiceNow investment
  • Deliver immediate wins
  • Get on the road to maturity faster
  • Simplify automation and workflows

On November 16 at 2 pm EST, Jacob Andersen will be hosting a live webinar to discuss how ServiceNow users can benefit from Crossfuze’s Asset Management Turnkey—as they move further along the maturity path. The session will include a day in the life of Asset Management via a walk through of the Crossfuze Asset Management Turnkey. Several core features critical to effective Asset Management will be demonstrated including software counters, developed lifecycle workflows, and improved inventory management.

To register now, click here.

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