SNCGuru Search Provider

Having a hard time finding the documentation you need? The ServiceNowGuru search provider can help you locate that information and leverage documentation and troubleshooting work already done by hundreds of consultants and administrators.

Search the ServiceNow wiki, ServiceNow forums, and all at once!

The ServiceNowGuru search provider installs directly in your browser and brings powerful ServiceNow documentation to your fingertips.

  • ServiceNow wiki
  • ServiceNow forums

(Requires IE7 or Firefox)

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  • David: It appears that I can hit sys_properties table with REST. This works, but I haven’t yet discovered the...
  • Mark Stanger: Hey David, It doesn’t surprise me that scoped apps have made this more difficult. I’m not...
  • David: Mark, do you have an example of how to do this in a scoped app? It seems there are many hoops to jump through...
  • Mark Stanger: The only possibility is to create a system property to override this in your application. Check out the...