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Granular Control of Form Tab Toggle Behavior via Client Scripts


his post comes to you from ServiceNow’s Knowledge14 event in San Francisco. It’s exciting to see all of the new innovations that ServiceNow is introducing in the upcoming releases. I’ve been very involved with my company, Crossfuze Solutions, as a sponsor of the conference and it’s been incredibly rewarding to showcase our solutions and talk to so many of you about how Crossfuze and ServiceNow Guru have helped you to be successful in implementing and enhancing ServiceNow. If you’re here at the conference, please stop by booth #421 during the expo hours and say hello!

Today’s post comes in response to a question posted on the ServiceNow community about providing more granular control over the form and list tabbing behavior for specific tables and conditions. If you’re familiar with ServiceNow, you know that this cannot be done natively and that tabbing is based off of a user preference that is enforced globally for the user accessing the system. Continue reading to see how to add more flexibility to your form tab behavior!

Granular Tab Control

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Overriding ServiceNow Form View Inheritance


years ago when I was an admin first being introduced to ServiceNow, I remember being blown away by how simple it was to personalize forms, add fields, and design custom form views. Custom views are very easy to make, but I’m always hesitant to recommend them due to the unintended complexity they can cause. The biggest issue with the ‘view’ concept in ServiceNow is that the system insists on forcing that form view onto every record referenced from within it. This issue exists in every ServiceNow instance today. In this article, I’ll explain why this can be a huge problem, and finally, a good way to break the ServiceNow form view inheritance cycle!

ServiceNow Form View Inheritance

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Reload a Form or Related list from a Client Script


his post comes in response to a forum question about how to reload a form or related list from a client script. This can come in extremely handy in the right situation. In the past, I’ve used scripts like these to refresh information on the form in response to a back-end server update of some sort. Here are a couple of code examples that show how to trigger these reload actions.

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Mandatory Knowledge Search Before Ticket Creation


reetings from Knowledge12 in New Orleans! I’ll be here all week with CrossFuze Solutions so if you’re here and see me, please introduce yourself. I’m looking forward to putting a face to all of the names of people I’ve worked with remotely.

I’m working with a client currently who wants to encourage the use of their Knowledge Base to reduce their ticket load. This, of course, is a common requirement but it’s one that I don’t think is adequately addressed in ServiceNow currently. In this post I’ll share my implementation of their idea. I don’t think it’s a perfect solution, but it might give you some ideas to improve your own process and design. This post shows how you can force a KB search using the standard search dialog whenever a user creates an incident. I’ve designed the solution to work in a standard incident form and within the service catalog so that it can be applied in whatever way you create tickets in your environment.
Automatic KB Popup

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Change Form Header Background Color


ust a quick scripting tip today based on a solution that I helped someone with on the ServiceNow community site. The request I received was to be able to change the form header background color based on changes to values in a record. You’re probably aware that ServiceNow provides a global CSS property to set the form and list header color. This is usually one of the first things that gets customized during a deployment. The global property can be found by navigating to System Properties -> CSS, and changing the ‘Banner and list caption background color’ property.

This request required something more dynamic so that the color could change based on specific table and record values and specific changes to a specific form. In order to accomplish this, I came up with a simple client script that can be used anywhere you need it.

Red Header Background

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