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Change Form Header Background Color


ust a quick scripting tip today based on a solution that I helped someone with on the ServiceNow community site. The request I received was to be able to change the form header background color based on changes to values in a record. You’re probably aware that ServiceNow provides a global CSS property to set the form and list header color. This is usually one of the first things that gets customized during a deployment. The global property can be found by navigating to System Properties -> CSS, and changing the ‘Banner and list caption background color’ property.

This request required something more dynamic so that the color could change based on specific table and record values and specific changes to a specific form. In order to accomplish this, I came up with a simple client script that can be used anywhere you need it.

Red Header Background

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Changing a Number Prefix for Existing Records


had a customer ask me this morning if it was possible to change the number prefix for records in the Change Request table. Specifically, they wanted to change the prefix from the default ‘CHG’ to ‘RFC’. The answer to this question is ‘Yes’, but there are a couple of things you need to do and be careful about…especially if you’re changing the prefix in a table that has existing records using the prefix. In this post, I’ll explain how you can adjust the number prefix of a table using the ‘Number Maintenance‘ module. I’ll also show how you can use a script to adjust the number prefix on existing records.

Number Prefix Change

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Customizing the dirty form alert popup


had a colleague come to me recently for help on a client issue. The customer wanted two things; the first was to set up the capability to warn users when they were navigating away from a modified form without saving it, but to do this only on selected forms rather than globally. The second was to modify the text included in the alert dialog to be whatever they wanted. In this post I’ll explain some of the options that ServiceNow provides in this area and how you can get even more flexibility and control over this behavior through scripting.

Custom Dirty Form Alert

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Attach an event listener to a related list button


ecently a colleague asked me for assistance with a customer request. The requirement was to pop up an information or alert message when a user clicked the ‘Edit’ button on the ‘Affected CIs’ related list. The alert message would give them some information or a warning, allow the user to confirm, and then continue on to the edit screen. ServiceNow gives you a lot of control over the behavior of some buttons with the configuration of UI actions. There are other buttons in the system, however, that you can’t easily control…including many related list buttons. In order to meet this requirement I created an ‘onLoad’ client script to attach an event listener and onclick function to the necessary button. Read on to see how it’s done!

Related List Event

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Automatically adjust the height of text area to fit contents


ere are a couple of script examples you might find useful. Say you’ve got a multi-line text field or variable that contains a lot of text. To save time in scrolling (or clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the field) to see all of the text you just want to auto-expand the height of the field to fit its contents based on some other client-side trigger. Here are a couple of scripts that allow you to do that.

Expand Multi-line Height

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