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Crossfuze Asset Management Webinar

Crossfuze Asset Management Webinar Banner

Upcoming Asset Management Webinar!

Join us on November 16 at 2pm EST to learn how the Crossfuze Asset Management Turnkey can help you:

  • Optimize your ServiceNow investment
  • Deliver immediate wins
  • Get on the road to maturity faster
  • Simplify automation and workflows

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Customer Satisfaction Award

Last week at the Knowledge15 ServiceNow conference in Las Vegas, Crossfuze Solutions was recognized as having the highest Customer Satisfaction Score across all authorized partners. Additionally, Crossfuze was recognized as having the second-highest Customer Satisfaction Score across all partner tier levels (130 partners) — coming within one-tenth of one percent of first place.

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What Everybody Should Know About ServiceNow Security

Follow these guidelines to make sure you’re using the right security technique for every situation!

Security in ServiceNow is a very important, but often very confusing subject to get the hang of. ACLs, business rules, client scripts, and UI policies can all affect the security in your system to varying levels. Improper use of any of these security mechanisms can cause you some pretty serious problems so it’s important to know what you’re doing. In my experience as a ServiceNow consultant and administrator I’ve learned some things about ServiceNow security that I want all of my clients to know. I’ll explain these things in this article.

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Are YOU a ServiceNow Jedi?

Whether you’re a new administrator or an experienced consultant, you need to know these things to become a master of the ServiceNow force.

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SNCGuru Search Provider

Having a hard time finding the documentation you need? The ServiceNowGuru search provider can help you locate that information and leverage documentation and troubleshooting work already done by hundreds of consultants and administrators.

Search the ServiceNow wiki, ServiceNow forums, and all at once!

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