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HTML-formatted Email Client Message Text


he ServiceNow email client is a great way to allow technicians to send ad-hoc email notifications from within ticket and other forms. One common request I’ve seen for the email client is to allow the creation of html-formatted messages. Of course, it’s possible to manually code the HTML, but it’s much easier with a WYSIWYG editor to help with code generation and formatting.

In this post, I’ll show you a technique that Valor Poland shared with me a year or so ago that changes the email client ‘Message Text’ field to an HTML-based field for this purpose.

HTML Email Client

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Approval Email Mailto Image Links


ast day at Knowledge11! What a great conference! I’ve had a great time meeting with so many awesome people this week. Yesterday Ian Broz and I were helping Karen Lazarenko during a 1-on-1 (maybe 2-on-1 in this case) session. She had a cool idea to make approval request emails coming from her system a little bit more intuitive by replacing or modifying the ‘mailto’ reply text links for approval and rejection with images that more clearly distinguished the links and the purpose of the email.

The challenge that we faced was how to easily add those images while maintaining the mailto functionality and populating the correct information (including the watermark ID) on the reply email. Here’s a screenshot of the solution we came up with. Read on to see how we did it!

Approval Email Images

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Sending iCalendar Invites from any Task table


ervice-now has a pretty simple one-way Outlook calendar integration that you can use to send out iCal meeting requests and updates to assignees involved with a Change request. I’m often asked if this functionality can be used for meeting invites in other tables as well. The answer is Yes! This hasn’t really been documented because it relies on some legacy technology that really isn’t that prominent in the system anymore. In this article, I’ll show you the pieces that make this calendar integration work by showing you how to set the integration up for the change task table.

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Manipulating Outbound Email in the ‘sys_email’ Table


ere’s a cool tip that was just sent to me by my friend Jim Coyne. We collaborated to solve a problem that he had in his environment and this post shows the result he came up with. This post shows how you can manipulate records in the email log (sys_email table) when you have a need to change the contents or recipients of an email record. Manipulating the outbound email logs isn’t something that should be relied upon heavily and I would consider it basically a last resort but it can prove very helpful in solving the right type of problem.

The problem in this example was that there were emails being sent from Jim’s Service-now system that contained sensitive information. It was necessary to send this information as part of an integration with a 3rd party system but they didn’t want to retain that information in Service-now to be viewed in logs and in the activity history of task records.

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Email links using ${URI} and ${URI_REF}

I learned something new today while building out a few email notifications. If you’ve been around Service-now for a while
you’re probably familiar with the formatting of email notification messages. One of the common requirements for outgoing email notifications is to include a link to the originating record or task in the email. Doing this makes it easy for end users to return to the record that they need to work on. There are a couple of simple ways to include these links in the body of an email notification in Service-now. One way I’ve known about for a long time, the other way I just discovered.

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