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Waiting Chat Queue Entries Notification


ust the other day I came across an issue with a client that came up with a couple of users on the ServiceNow forums as well. The issue was that technicians monitoring a chat queue had no way of knowing that a chat was waiting unless they were staring at their chat desktop the entire time. Since most IT people tend to multitask, this can become a problem resulting in longer-than-ideal wait times in the chat queue.
With the help of the ServiceNow Guru ‘Module Counts’ update set I was able to find a solution that I think effectively solves this issue by showing a count in the left navigation pane whenever a new chat enters a user’s queue.

Waiting Chat Queue Solution

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Refresh the Left Navigation Pane via Script


ere’s a quick scripting tip for today. Have you ever needed to refresh the left navigation menu in response to some script action? I don’t think this requirement comes up often, but I just had somebody ask me a question related to this so I figured I would find out how it can be done.

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Show a Task Workflow Timeline


aving a blast from Knowledge 12 this week! It’s been fun this year being able to relax a little bit more and take some more time to talk with people. I look forward to meeting more of you over the next couple of days.

Today, I’m writing in response to a user on the ServiceNow community, and a few users in the advanced admin course I was observing earlier in the week. In the advanced admin class, they show how you can click a UI action on the change form to show a workflow in progress. They also show you how you can view a timeline for a workflow context. These UI actions (and corresponding popups) can provide valuable information to both administrators and technicians to determine the status and process of a particular workflow. The only problem (in the case of the timeline) is that it can’t be accessed from the change directly. You have to navigate to the workflow context record first.

In this post I’ll show you how to create a UI action script to display a workflow timeline popup directly from any task form in the system.

Change Request Timeline

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Mandatory Knowledge Search Before Ticket Creation


reetings from Knowledge12 in New Orleans! I’ll be here all week with CrossFuze Solutions so if you’re here and see me, please introduce yourself. I’m looking forward to putting a face to all of the names of people I’ve worked with remotely.

I’m working with a client currently who wants to encourage the use of their Knowledge Base to reduce their ticket load. This, of course, is a common requirement but it’s one that I don’t think is adequately addressed in ServiceNow currently. In this post I’ll share my implementation of their idea. I don’t think it’s a perfect solution, but it might give you some ideas to improve your own process and design. This post shows how you can force a KB search using the standard search dialog whenever a user creates an incident. I’ve designed the solution to work in a standard incident form and within the service catalog so that it can be applied in whatever way you create tickets in your environment.
Automatic KB Popup

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‘Add Me’ UI macro for User and Group Fields


his post comes in response to a question I saw this morning on the ServiceNow forum. The request was to be able to create ‘Add me’ icons for user and group fields that would act the same way as the ‘Add me’ field on list fields. This post shows you how!

Add Me UI Macros

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