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Edit a Workflow Directly from a Task


couple of weeks ago, I saw a great idea from Alex Yupanqui, who works for ServiceNow, to create UI actions to allow users to directly edit a graphical workflow from the associated record. I’ve taken this idea and cleaned things up a bit to make it usable and secure throughout the system.

You’re probably already familiar with the ‘Show Workflow’ and ‘Workflow Context’ UI action links that show up on task records when a workflow gets associated to it. These UI actions are extremely useful for identifying the state of the workflow as it relates to the task. As an administrator or consultant, you’re often trying to troubleshoot or fix an issue with the workflow, which requires the workflow editor. Unfortunately, this means you have to navigate to the module in the left nav and try to find the correct workflow to edit. The purpose of this solution is to cut out all of those extra steps to allow you to edit the workflow directly from the record it is bound to.

Edit Workflow

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Show a Table Schema Map from any Form


able schema maps are a very useful tool to aid in visualizing the setup of a table and its relationships to other tables and fields in ServiceNow. This functionality is something that every ServiceNow implementor or admin should be familiar with. Schema maps are documented here in the ServiceNow wiki.

While the schema map is useful, it can also be difficult to navigate to unless you know exactly where to look. The only place in the system to access the schema map is from the ‘Tables and Columns’ module and this is only available to users with the admin role. In this post I’ll show you how you can make the schema map for a given table more accessible by creating a global UI action link that allows you to display the table schema map from any form in the system – for any role you want.

Show Schema Map

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CI UI Macro Actions for the Affected CIs List


he ability to associate Affected Configuration Items against a task is one of the most basic pieces of the various task forms in ServiceNow. ServiceNow gives you the ‘Configuration Item’ field to associate a single CI and the ‘Affected CIs’ related list in the event that your task needs to be associated to multiple CIs. I’ve written before about the benefits of tracking all of this information in one place to simplify reporting and usage requirements. During an onsite visit with a customer this week I noticed another opportunity to improve the functionality of the ‘Affected CIs’ related list. It would be very useful to be able to right-click items in the ‘Affected CIs’ related list and show a BSM Map or associated tasks just like you can do for the ‘Configuration Item’ field UI Macro icons. This post will show you how you can set these list context UI Actions up in your instances.

Configuration Item Reference Icons

Configuration Item Context Actions

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Customizing the dirty form alert popup


had a colleague come to me recently for help on a client issue. The customer wanted two things; the first was to set up the capability to warn users when they were navigating away from a modified form without saving it, but to do this only on selected forms rather than globally. The second was to modify the text included in the alert dialog to be whatever they wanted. In this post I’ll explain some of the options that ServiceNow provides in this area and how you can get even more flexibility and control over this behavior through scripting.

Custom Dirty Form Alert

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Record hand-drawn user signatures with SNCGuru Signature Pad!

I‘ve seen a couple of requests recently for a capability to record actual, hand-drawn user signatures. There are probably several uses for this type of thing, but usually the requirement has something to do with a field service technician completing work in the field, and then being able to get a customer to sign indicating that some work was performed. This functionality doesn’t exist in ServiceNow, but it can be added thanks to a very cool jQuery plugin called ‘Signature Pad‘. I’ve incorporated this jQuery solution into a UI page/Dialog-based solution for use with regular ServiceNow records and forms. Read on for more information about the SNCGuru SignaturePad update set!

Signature Pad

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